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River Tergi in Dariali Gorge is being cleaned from landslide debris

20 February 2017

The works serve to cleaning of river Tergi from debris, which will solve the problem of damming up  of the River. In addition, after constructing a tunnel in the Gorge traffic flow will be unobst...

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Zurab Alavidze visited Gudauri and became familiarized with the details of tourist season

18 February 2017

Zurab Alavidze skied along with other tourists. Representative of Gudauri Mountain Management Department provided Minister with the information on the number of tourists. 

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Zurab Alavidze met the representatives of the mission of International Monetary Fund

17 February 2017

The parties discussed the importance of development of the regions of Georgia and the planned projects that are intended to be implemented this year. 

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New bridge is being constructed overMshraliKhevi (Dry Ravine)

17 February 2017

New bridge is being constructed over MshraliKhevi (Dry Ravine) on Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi international road.   

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Minister Zurab Alavidze met Ambassador of Poland

15 February 2017

At the meeting that was of introductory nature, parties reviewed bilateral relations and opportunities of their further deepening between Poland and Georgia.

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Zurab Alavidze met with the representatives of the European Investment Bank 

15 February 2017

During the meeting, two sides discussed ongoing projects and reviewed new planned projects. 

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Football School undergoes reconstruction in Sergieti Village 

10 February 2017

The young interested in football will be able to exercise in an accomplished environment and conduct the football tournaments in Martvili Municipality from spring, 2017. 

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Multifunctional Sports Complex under Construction in Town Khobi  

8 February 2017

The project envisages arrangement of wrestling grounds, chess hall, pool hall, fitness facility and sauna in the sports complex building.  

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People affected by heavy snowfall in Samegrelo were assisted

7 February 2017

Rehabilitation of the houses damaged by heavy snowfall in Samegrelo continues.

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Infrastructure works are currently ongoing in order to ensure 24-hour water supply for Kutaisi

6 February 2017

The project envisages the construction of pumping stations, reservoirs, and distribution network. 

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Water Supply Problem Will Be Solved in Villages Adjacent to Demarcation Line

1 February 2017

The first stage of construction/rehabilitation works of water supply system has been completed in 10 villages of Gori and Kaspi Municipalities, adjacent to demarcation line. As a result, water supply...

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Rehabilitation of Sports Complex Completed in Kaspi  

31 January 2017

The new, up-to-date sports complex will serve hundreds of youngsters and sport amateurs in Kaspi Municipality.   

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Rehabilitation of Culture Center in Bakurtsikhe Village finalized

30 January 2017

The Ecclesial School, Agricultural School, Georgian traditional industrial workshops and manufactories are scheduled to start operation at the Culture Center.

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Saint Martyr Grigol Peradze House-Museum undergoes construction in Bakurtsikhe Village

29 January 2017

Government of Georgia has decided the conservation works for the ruins to be conducted there and Museum to be built also by efforts of the Municipal Development Fund.

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Meeting with ADB representatives

28 January 2017

Among the issues discussed by the partied at the meeting were the projects funded by ADB as well as water supply and road construction project prospectives and issues of urban development.

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Rehabilitation works of secondary roads in village Vazisubani are in progress

27 January 2017

Since works finalization population shall benefit from asphalt-concrete road. 

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Full Scale rehabilitation works for Telavi Gorge and Usakhelo Gorge ongoing

26 January 2017

As a result of rehabilitation works, the transmissibility of both gorges will be increased and thus eliminate danger of inundation of houses in Telavi and village of Kurdghelauri.  

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Ongoing rehabilitation works at Chiatura-Skindori Road

21 January 2017

Rehabilitation works are ongoing for the roads connecting several villages within Chiatura Municipality.

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Rehabilitation process of Katski Monastery adjacent territory is in final phase

20 January 2017

Restoration- conservation works of Katskhi column envisages the following: Recovery of damaged sections of façade and interior and conservation if required. 

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Ropeway rehabilitation works commenced in Chiatura

18 January 2017

Thousands of passengers will have an opportunity to travel safely and comfortably by an eco-friendly, new ropeway transport.

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