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Zurab Alavidze – Enormous infrastructure projects are planned to be carried out and we are interested that Georgian construction sector meets this process readily

26 March 2018

Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia introduced ongoing and planned projects to the representatives of construction companies.

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Construction of Archeological Museum has started in Mtskheta

13 March 2018

Mtekheta archeological museum under the National Agency of Cultural Heritage Protection of Georgia will be accommodated at the new building from 2019.

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A new road leading to Gergeti Trinity Church is being constructed

12 March 2018

Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Zurab Alavidze visited the site. 

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Number of villages of Khobi Municipality will have 24 hour water supply from this autumn

10 March 2018

The project covers construction of a 34 km long water supply network. The works will be implemented in two stages and its cost will be around GEL 1 mln.

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Rehabilitation of a 6km long road section is underway in Zhinvali borough

9 March 2018

The section is important in terms of transit: local, as well as international passenger and cargo transits are made via this section due to which traffic movement is intensive.

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Embankment protection works were carried out along the Enguri river

7 March 2018

Embankment protection works were carried out on six different spots along the Enguri river, Zugdidi Municipality.  

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The presentation of the national vision for decentralization and local self-governance

6 March 2018

The Parliament and Government of Georgia presented a new national vision of decentralization and local self-governance

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Rehabilitation of a 6 km long motor road in Khobi is finished

1 March 2018

Zurab Alavidze also met population of Khobi and listened to their problems.

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A project to ensure 24 hour water supply to Jvari town is in progress

1 March 2018

Population of Jvari town will have 24 hour water supply from the end of the year.

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A new emergency center is being constructed in Poti

27 February 2018

Currently, more than 40 new emergency centers are being constructed across the country

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Zurab Alavidze and the Minister of Regional Development of Latvia agreed on bilateral cooperation

23 February 2018

It was agreed at the meeting that the two agencies will conclude an agreement on future cooperation. An official visit of Georgian delegation to Litva was also planned.

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Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure and the World Bank held a work meeting

22 February 2018

Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia will continue active cooperation with the World Bank.

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Rehabilitation of Zugdidi Botanical Garden is starting

21 February 2018

The project is funded by the World Bank and its total cost amounts to GEL 12 mln.

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Improvement of three squares in the town of Vani is being completed

17 February 2018

Zurab Alavidze visited Imereti Region where he got familiar with the social infrastructure improvement works. 

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