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Zurab Alavidze – In 2018 we are planning to rehabilitate around 200 km road

25 December 2017

In addition, Mr. Alavidze talked about Rikoti Pass and noted that this section is the most loaded , both in terms of difficulty, as well as cost.

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Four kindergarten buildings are being expanded

24 December 2017

The project covers construction of annexes to kindergarten buildings, as well as development of yards. Additional classes are planned to open in all four kindergartens.

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Poti will have sewerage infrastructure of modern standard

23 December 2017

More than 150 local people will be employed in the project. The works are planned to be completed by 2020 and Poti will have new sewerage infrastructure of modern standards. 

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Construction of Batoni Palace is being completed

19 December 2017

Renovated Batoni Palace will soon be ready to welcome visitors and tourists.

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Zurab Alavidze: Road projects of GEL 4.5 billion will be implemented within 2018 - 2020

18 December 2017

“Roadman day has been celebrated for 50 years now. This day is of great importance to the professionals working in road sector. Roadmen are the people, who are devoted to their job. It is due to their...

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Creation of the infrastructure to ensure 24 hour water supply in the regions is in progress.

9 November 2017

By the end of November population of the village of Kvemo Chala will not have to cope water supply issues anymore

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Zurab Alavidze visited rehabilitation project of the House of Culture in Vale

6 November 2017

The building where various classes of art and sports are held was in need of rehabilitation for decades.

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City of Borjomi will have a renewed Center of Culture and a Puppet Theater

6 November 2017

The center will function as a theater and a concert hall. 

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Establishment of Electronic Procurement System significantly increased the level of transparency – stated Minister Alavidze

3 October 2017

“During the implementation of infrastructure projects we pay huge importance to the transparency of procurement process and public access to related information. The implementation and use of El...

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