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Press Center News Problem of bad roads was solved in Gori

Problem of bad roads was solved in Gori


Problem of bad roads was solved in Gori

19 October 2016

Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Mr. Tengiz hergelashvili, together with the Mayor of Gori Zurab Jirkvelishvili inspected Regional Development Fund projects of Gori  of 2013-2016.

9 041 17 630 GEL have been allocated from  the Regional Development Fund for implementation of infrastructure projects in Gori. The major part of the amount - 4 422 831 GEL,  was used to enhance road infrastructure of the city, part - 4264788 GEL was spent for development sewage systems and the rest for rehabilitation - drainage systems, bridges and kindergartens.

During the selection of the projects for financing, special attention was paid to the streets, which has never been paved with asphalt, or was so damaged that it was impossible to move.

At present, this problem is solved and the local people can move in the streets without any problem.