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Press Center News Number 23rd metro station is under construction

Number 23rd metro station is under construction


Number 23rd metro station is under construction

23 February 2016

Number 23rd metro station is under construction which is implemented by Municipal Development Fund of Georgia. Minister of regional development and infrastructure of Georgia, MDF executive director, ADB central and West Asia department general director Shon Osalivani visited construction works.  Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania, first deputy minister of regional development and infrastructure and ADB’s permanent representation director Ieshim Elhan –Kaialar also visited construction site, site visit was accompanied with journalists.     

Within the framework of project underground and over ground structures will be constructed, station exit/entrances will be arranged on Vaja-Pshavela Avenue and Sando Euli Street. Existing tunnels will be restored and second tunnel between metro station Delisi and Vaja-Pshavela will function as well.  Rail lines, power substation, escalators, ventilation and drainage systems, alarm and firefighting systems will be installed and alternative exits will be arranged as well.

Based on ADB financial support project is implemented by MDF; cost of the project is GEL 83,000,670.45. Construction will be finalized in 2017.   

Tbilisi residents will benefit from construction of second line, as movement will become more safe and fast. New station will discharge over ground transport flow and will significantly support urban transport development.