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Press Center News New subway station opening in summer

New subway station opening in summer


New subway station opening in summer

16 January 2017

The intensified Construction of subway station N23 is in progress. In May 2015 with Asian Development Bank financial support Municipal Development Fund of Georgia commenced construction of 23rd subway station “University“. Cost of the project amounts to GEL 83,000,670 which envisages entire rehabilitation of existing conserved tunnels.

Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Zurab Alavidze, Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania and Municipal Development Fund Executive Director Galaktion Buadze along with performing company “Cobra Assignia”’s representatives visited the construction site.
Construction of 23rd subway station has been conserved for 20 years. Entire rehabilitation of conserved tunnels will result in new and safe station, equipped with modern technologies.
New subway station will unload volume of traffic flow and significantly reduce traffic jams within in Saburtalo district, where means of municipal transport are in average used by over 220 000 persons per day. Operation of new subway station will increase fast and safe transportation for more than 15 000 persons and guests of Tbilisi per day.
Within the framework of the project existing tunnels with length of 2,6 km were restored, construction of aboveground and underground structures are in progress, as well as subway exits from Vaja-Pshavela avenue and Sandro Euli street, in total 4 exits. Following are under preparation: Rail facilities, electric substation, alarm control system, moving staircase, ventilation and drainage systems and emergency exits. 220 workmen are hired on works, works finalization is planned in summer 2017. Construction of new subway station will promote the development of urban transport.