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Ministry optimization process finalized


Ministry optimization process finalized

17 January 2017

Structural optimization process has been finalized at the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure. The aim of optimization process was to bring in compliance the goals with the structure and budget of the ministry. As a result the labor contracts for 14 employees were suspended. Each person received the compensation payment in accordance to the law regulations.

Compensation payments were also issued to the subordinate body of the Ministry - Roads Department of Georgia - where the supervisory body was opt out of the structure and optimization process finalized.

The optimization process still is on at Municipal Development Fund of Georgia, United Water Supply Company of Georgia and the Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia.

“Cutting spending is an integral part of budget new plan presented by the Government. Compensations were issues to the employees who left the ministry. As for the new team, which currently holds the managing functions, there are significant goals set forth. That means to fulfill all the obligations in a limited time scale and accomplish all the projects in a highly professional manner. This process carries utmost interest to the rapid development of the country” – stated Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Mr. Zurab Alavidze.