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Press Center News Khashurian kids will go to rehabilitated kindergartens

Khashurian kids will go to rehabilitated kindergartens


Khashurian kids will go to rehabilitated kindergartens

22 October 2016

Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Tengiz Shergelashvili, together with the local governor George Guraspashvili  inspected rehabilitated kindergartens in Khashuri during the 2015-2016 years, financed from the Fund of Regional Projects. 

In 2015,  3 kindergarten have been fully rehabilitated in the town of Khashuri. And in 2016 construction of a new kindergarten, targeting 180 pupils, was began. Within the frameworks of rehabilitation damaged and amortized kindergarten buildings have been renovated. Dining rooms have been rehabilitated and in, all three kindergarten central heating system has been installed. As a result, 720 517 GEL have been spent on rehabilitation works and almost 600 kids  will be able to walk  to modern nursery schools.  

As for the new kindergarten, its construction will be completed later this year. 721 864 has been allocated for the construction of the kindergarten.

Over the years 2013-2016, the total of 227 projects of  kindergartens’ rehabilitation were funded from  the Regional Development Fund, with a value of 44 162 799 GEL