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Press Center News Infrastructural projects up to 2500 and 40,000 jobs

Infrastructural projects up to 2500 and 40,000 jobs


Infrastructural projects up to 2500 and 40,000 jobs

12 April 2017

The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia presented the 2017-2020 Action Plan for the largest component of the Government's 4-point plan. The plan implies implementation of large-scale and state projects, maximum use of capabilities in the country work full capacity for the rapid development of country.
Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure – Zurab Alavidze introduced the 2017-2020 action plan, to the representatives of Legislative and Executive Government, Diplomatic Corps, International Donor Organizations and media outlets.
"The most important projects will be implemented on roads, water supply, tourism infrastructure, ecological, environmental protection and more direction. The approaches are determined by virtue of these projects each citizen of the country will receive education in any part of Georgia, employ and to be employed. Fully development infrastructure will give possibility to population to realize existing opportunities "- stated Minister of the Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia.
Around 2,500 infrastructural projects will be implemented in 2017-2020. It is planned to construct and rehabilitate 1000 km road, additional half a million persons will benefit from 24-hour water supply. 7 new regional landfills corresponded to European standards will be constructed, rehabilitation will be carried out for more than 120 socio-cultural infrastructural facilities. Implementation of 2,500 projects will directly create 40,000 jobs.
These projects are implemented with the financial support of the Government of Georgia and International Donor Organizations, their total value is over 9 billion GEL.


Please, see the extended version of the action plan 2017 – 2020: http://www.mrdi.gov.ge/sites/default/files/presentation_mrdi_-geo_-links.pdf