Statement Of the Government Commission on Regional Development


With respect to the territorial optimization of the municipalities Gori, Telavi , Zugdidi , Ozurgeti, Akhaltsikhe, Ambrolauri, Mtskheta

On 5 February 2014 , the Parliament adopted the law " Local Self-Government Code ”.   According to the Code, a self-governing city status was granted in addition to seven cities , namely : Gori , Telavi, Zugdidi , Ozurgeti, Akhaltsikhe , Ambrolauri and Mtskheta.

According to the " Local Self-Government Code"  article-152, point – I ,  paragraph "b ",  the Government Commission on Regional Development was ordered, prepare and submit proposals to the Government on the creation of a new self-governing communities  , within 3 months from the promulgation of the law .

Government Commission on Regional Development discussed the issue of territorial optimization of Gori , Telavi , Zugdidi, Ozurgeti , Akhaltsikhe, Mtskheta  and  Ambrolauri on the session, which was held  on March 10, 2014. The commission decided to begin consultations about this issue with the population and the municipality councils of Gori , Telavi , Zugdidi , Ozurgeti,  Akhaltsikhe,  Mtskheta  and Ambrolauri.

The Government Commission on Regional Development offers to the population and councils of the municipalities mentioned above, to overview the opportunity about creation of each local community with each administrative centre, from the settlement on the remained territory after creation of the self-governing cities. 

 In addition, the Government Commission on Regional Development expresses readiness to receive and consider alternative proposals  about this issue, for what  the public meetings will be held in the relevant municipalities. Also, the written submissions will be discussed, which must be submitted to the address: Al. Kazbegi Avenue N12, 0160, Tbilisi; to the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia.